BC Electrical Association(BCEA)--加拿大大不列颠哥伦比亚电气协会




  The roots of the BC Electrical Association (BCEA) go back to the 1920' s. Today' s BCEA, comprised of more than 145 corporate members, was started by the BC Electric Company (now BC Hydro). In 1923, our forerunner, The Electrical Service League of British Columbia (ESL), was chartered by the provincial government of the day.

  Until the 1980' s, the ESL was located at the BC Hydro office and was completely financed by the utility. The electrical service league had a mandate to encourage conversion to electricity, and its safe installation.

  Since that time, activities of the league varied in their content and frequency. In the early 1980' s, the ESL promoted electric home heating and installed the ESL ' Gold Seal' and ' Silver Seal' standards. The ESL also organized, promoted and ran a major electrical tradeshow every third year in the lower mainland.

  About 1985, BC Hydro suggested the ESL should rely on them less for funding. League offices then moved from BC Hydro premises. Additional trade activities were scheduled and held around the province. An educational program was developed for members. In 1990, the Electrical Service League changed its name to the British Columbia Electrical Association, and revised its bylaws. Last year, in 2009, the BCEA celebrated its 85th Anniversary of serving the electrical industry throughout the entire province of BC.

  The result has been a significant increase in the level of member directed activity. At least two trade shows per year were scheduled. The delivery of our educational program has expanded. The Product Knowledge Days program was developed and has already been delivered provincially to more than 1500 industry members. The distribution and sale of CSA Code Books increased; 6000 copies of the semi-annual ' Connector' newsletter are distributed and careers in the electrical industry are promoted.

  The level of social activities has expanded. Participation in our annual golf tournaments and curling bonspiel increases every year. We continue to attract new members and diversify our base.

  The BCEA is dedicated to helping our members achieve the highest level of success.

  We invite you to join us as a corporate member.